Cost Reductions


Tools will be more expensive…

but you’ll save on costs in the long run!
You should not be concerned with immediate outlay but invest with long-term goals in mind.


Up till now

These kinds of shapes would usually be cut after being machined flat.


However, tools capable of two processes in a single machining operation can now be made.


If you ask Sanko Hamono to develop tools for you…

And use a tool that is also capable of deburring simultaneously,
the process of (2) deburring after (1) drilling can be omitted.


This saves both personnel expenses and process time.
Circumstances vary depending on the machine and work involved.
We have an established track record over 30 years long in cutting tool manufacturing.
First, call and discuss your specific requirements with us.

Both e-mail and telephone calls are accepted!
Rest assured that we will listen to and handle each inquiry with the utmost care.